Brathwaite in red gown and cap holding wooden spatula type stick Black man in Renaissance red tunic and cap with right hand resting on sword hilt
Brathwaite dressed in yellow and gold fabrics, bathed in yellow light, clasping small vase with shiny surface Black man wearing earrings, dressed in rich yellow and gold coloured attire including embroidered cloak and heavy gold chain, clasping a small vase
Brathwaite in dark garment with white cloth head covering, bending over kitchen work surface with crockery and a pan; Bach score in the background Foreground shows black woman in dark garment and white head covering bent over table with crockery and cooking utensils; in background are Christ and a disciple at a table in another room
Fabric draped tables covered with dishes, food, and drink; musical instruments and baggage in foreground; at right Brathwaite looking on with expression of glee Table draped with rich fabric and covered with plates of food and drinking vessels; monkey sits on globe in front of table; at right  a young black man looks on with glee
Brathwaite wearing embroidered fabric as dress, white shawl over his head, holding a doll and a wooden spatula type stick Black Virgin in statuesque pose between two columns, dressed in rich flower pattern garment and holding Black infant Christ in similar attire
Brathwaite wearing grey trousers, red jacket and red cap, holding wooden pole as if propelling a gondola Venetian canal scene in Renaissance period; numerous figures in different settings; in lower foreground is Black gondolier using pole to propel his vessel
Brathwaite dressed in yellow fabrics with gold-coloured cardboard cut to look like pieces of armour Black man with silver earring wearing gold-coloured armour and holding red lance and shield, with red banner in background
Brathwaite sits on a fabric-draped wooden clothes horse; he has two pans resting in front of him like drums and he holds wooden kitchen utensils as drumsticks Black man in Renaissance attire riding a horse; he holds two drumsticks and plays a pair of drums mounted on the horse
Fabric hangings are backdrop to table covered with numerous different objects; at left Brathwaite sits looking out of frame top left, with stuffed toy monkey on his right shoulder Foreground shows table covered with numerous precious and exotic objects; at left a young Black man sits with white monkey on right shoulder, looking out of frame top left
Brathwaite holding metal spoon and wearing patterned gold-coloured shirt under black tunic, also wide brimmed black hat with two cream crackers stuck into hatband Black man richly-dressed with gold-embroidered shirt and tooled sword belt; also wide-brimmed black hat with large orange feather decoration
Grinning Brathwaite looks directly out of frame at viewer; he holds paintbrush in right hand and sits in front of easel covered with many copies of a portrait of Victorian era gentleman Smiling Black artist looks out of frame at viewer, wearing a wide-brimmed hat with feather and holding paintbrush before a portrait of a woman
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