Roundtable: Technologies on the Body

Paolo Savoia will be participating in a roundtable on 'Technologies on the Body'

Part of the Centre for the Study of the Body and Material Culture Seminar Series 2018-19, Royal Holloway University of London

This roundtable brings together scholars from different periods and places to reflect on the relationship between technologies and the body, focusing on specific technologies that are used with or become part of the body. Our speakers will examine the use of prosthetic limbs, cosmetic surgery and breathing apparatus - exploring the integration of objects, bodies and bodily processes.

The speakers are Dr Paolo Savoia, Dr Jane Draycott, and Dr Jennifer Wallis with commentary by Dr Angela McShane.

This takes place in Room 104, Senate House, London WC1E 7HU.

For further information, please contact Katie Carpenter.

Roundtable poster

Details of roundtable