Renaissance Skin Final Conference

Our final conference took place in person at the Council Room at King's College London's Strand Campus, on the 8th and 9th June 2022.

We were delighted to feature papers from (in order of appearance):

  • Craig Koslofsky
  • Alexander Bevilacqua
  • Katherine Dauge-Roth
  • Erin Rowe
  • Paolo Savoia
  • Elaine Leong
  • Jill Burke
  • Tianna Uchacz
  • Stefan Hanss
  • Sarah-Maria Schober

We also featured lightening talks from ECR's, a screening of 'Carnivore' (our project collaboration with dancer and choreographer Luke Murphy), and a closing address from the project's PI, Evelyn Welch.

View the programme here