Welcome to Renaissance Skin

The Renaissance Skin project came about through ideas that Evelyn Welch has been working on throughout her career, which has included research grants focusing on medical history and fashion, each with a strong emphasis on the importance of material culture within the early modern period. What started out to be only a small part of the HERA-funded Fashioning the Early Modern project, soon turned into a much larger undertaking and we are grateful to the Wellcome Trust for funding this 5-year project Renaissance Skin.

The project is led by Evelyn Welch and supported by a team of researchers – Hannah Murphy, Kathleen Walker-Meikle, and Paolo Savoia. The project is managed by Natasha Awais-Dean. Additional research support is provided by Juliet Claxton.

We invite you to explore the themes of our project on this website, which we envisage as an evolving resource that will develop as our research progresses (see About for further details on how to navigate the site), so do keep visiting for more updates and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!