Dressing the Early Modern Conference - 'A Taste for the Exotic'

The Dressing the Early Modern Network presents its 2018 conference

A Taste for the Exotic: Cross-Cultural Influences in Early Modern Dress and Textiles

Booking is now closed for this sell-out event, but keep posted on their registration page for any last-minute availability.

The conference aims to generate a discussion about the cross-cultural influences in dress and textiles by considering how ...


Reading Group: Johnson

Professor Carina Johnson (Pitzer) joins us at our Renaissance Skin Reading Group.

More details to follow.


Seminar: Cheese-making in the Scientific Revolution

Paolo Savoia, 'Cheese-making in the Scientific Revolution: Dairy Products and The History of Early Modern European Knowledge'

Seminar to be presented as part of the European History 1500-1800 seminar series

In the 1660s, members from the most important European scientific societies – including the Académie des Sciences in Paris, the Royal Society in London, and the Accademia del Cimento in Florence ...