Reading Group: Johnson

Join us for our final reading group of 2018 as we frame our conversation around the issue of complexion and skin in the early modern period.

We welcome Professor Carina L. Johnson (Pitzer) to our Renaissance Skin Reading Group for a discussion of her essay 'Naming the “Turk” and the “Moor”: praxis and the editions of Nicolas de Nicolay’s ...


Seminar: Cheese-making in the Scientific Revolution

Paolo Savoia, 'Cheese-making in the Scientific Revolution: Dairy Products and The History of Early Modern European Knowledge'

Seminar to be presented as part of the European History 1500-1800 seminar series

In the 1660s, members from the most important European scientific societies – including the Académie des Sciences in Paris, the Royal Society in London, and the Accademia del Cimento in Florence ...


Reading Group: Petit

Join us for our first Renaissance Skin Reading Group of 2019 as we welcome Dr Caroline Petit (Warwick) to discuss her work on Galen and 16th-century medicine.

More details to follow.


RSA 2019 Panel: Renaissance Skin

Renaissance Skin: Animal and Human Surfaces in Early Modern European Medical Practices

The Renaissance Skin team will be holding a panel at RSA Toronto. Chaired by Evelyn Welch, the session papers are:

  • Hannah Murphy, 'Physicians, Skin and the Boundaries of Early Modern Medicine'
  • Paolo Savoia, 'Surface and Depth: The Empiric Surgeons' View of the Human Body in Early Modern Italy ...

Reading Group: Andrews

We welcome Dr Noam Andrews (Ghent) at our Renaissance Skin Reading Group to discuss his work on tailors, geometry, and the surface of the body.

More details to follow.


Conference: Global Skins

Global Skins: 1400-1700


Further information about our next conference will be published shortly. We expect to circulate a call for papers early in the new year.